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Kirk’s BIO:


Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter Kirk Lloyd Fisher (aka k.lloyd) has emerged from deep within the Sludge Punk Rock scene virtually unscathed as a prominent solo artist.

Also the front man of legendary Buzzov*en, music runs deep in k.lloyd’s blood.

After some time off from the music scene, some soul searching, rehab, and a deep look within, k.lloyd’s music now helps a once broken man heal himself by sharing his trials and errors through lyrics and song. 

His pain-filled scratchy vocals and often-eerie guitar riffs weave a life long tale of drug addiction, hard times, and a constant battle between good and evil…where evil often prevailed. The same blood that was shed nightly at epic drug-fueled Buzzov*en shows, still courses through his veins, which along with his music keeps him alive today – a miracle in itself.   His original and haunting music is a gift to anyone who takes the time to listen…a story-filled

Southern/sludge/country/folk sound that’s difficult to define, certainly hard to come by, and definitely hard to forget.